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Q: How do I cite something my professor posted in my online class?

APA Answer


To cite something from a course website or Learning Management System (ie. Blackboard, Canvas), that is only accessible by a specific group of people, follow this example:

Author, A. (Year). Title of presentation [PowerPoint slides]. Canvas. https://canvas.westcoastuniversity.edu/ 

The type of material (PowerPoint slides, Lecture, Speech, etc.) is included in brackets as part of the citation.  The author is your instructor's name in the "Author, A." format.


However, if your citation is intended for professional publication or for a wider audience who will not have access to these sources (because they are not a student in your class), cite the source as a personal communication.

For more information, visit https://apastyle.apa.org/style-grammar-guidelines/citations/classroom-intranet-sources

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